Investment management.
Turns out, it really is rocket science

We offer a range of managed portfolios built to align with your clients’ varying circumstances, attitudes to risk, and sustainability goals.

To remove human bias from investment decisions, our model portfolios are powered by a sophisticated fund selection and monitoring system designed by data scientists, developers, and statisticians.

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A robust, repeatable process you can

trust, measure, and explain to clients.

Reduced exposure to risk by

investing in a diverse range of asset types.

Portfolio management by award

winning, FCA regulated firm - Marlborough.

Risk target managed portfolios

reviewed quarterly by Dynamic Planner.

Our Managed Portfolio Services

Risk rated managed portfolios driven by Clever technology

Data-Driven Managed Portfolio Services

Introducing the technology

Known as the CleverEngine, the fund selection and monitoring system at the heart of the CleverMPS has been successfully powering investment portfolios for more than a decade.

The system uses carefully selected investment criteria to score and rank 4,000+ UK domiciled investment funds. Each month these fund scores are recalculated, with the most appropriate funds highlighted for inclusion in the portfolios.

This quantitative process is robust, academic, and evidence-based.

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fund criteria scored by the CleverEngine last month


years successfully powering investment portfolios

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Scoring & Ranking Funds

Fund scores calculated with carefully selected criteria

Fund scores are calculated monthly using criteria like R-squared, Alpha, or average 1, 3, or 5-year performance, that’s weighted in order of their influence on performance in each sector.

These scores are used to rank funds and identify top performers (as well as those no longer scoring so well). The CleverMPS Portfolio Managers at Marlborough use this information to help determine the most suitable funds for inclusion in our portfolios.

Ongoing Volatility Analysis

Market shift detection using sector behaviour data

The Market Shift Detection System (MSDS) works alongside the CleverEngine to identify periods of heightened market volatility.

When a shift in market behaviour is detected, the MSDS indicates that a change in strategy may be appropriate – from ‘high-return’ to ‘low-risk’ in turbulent market conditions, or back to a ‘high-return’ strategy in periods of growth.

Managed portfolio service on platforms

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Our models are available on a wide range of platforms including Quilter, abrdn, Fidelity International, Morningstar Wealth Platform, Aviva, M&G Wealth, Aegon ARC, Fundment, Transact, Novia, Nucleus, and True Potential.

Look up the models on platform by searching for ‘Clever Marlborough Core MPS’ or ‘Clever Marlborough Sustainable MPS’, followed by the relevant model number.

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What you’ll get from your CleverMPS demo:

  • Insights into the fund selection and monitoring system at the heart of the CleverMPS product range.
  • A deeper look at the performance of the Clever Marlborough Core and Sustainable MPS ranges since their inception.
  • An understanding of the unique client communications capabilities you’ll get with our CleverMPS Portal.
  • The chance to ask any questions you might have.

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