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CleverMPS Core and CleverMPS Sustainable are diversified multi-asset managed portfolios designed to complement your planning approach. Each of the 11 models are constructed and managed to meet your clients’ needs according to their risk appetite and investment goals.

Read on for an overview of our service and discover the many benefits for you and your clients.

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CleverMPS Features

The building blocks of our service

Created to help deliver the very best experience and outcomes for investors, our quantitative fund selection and monitoring system has been powering investment portfolios for more than a decade. Known as the CleverEngine, the system is continually reviewed and refined by a uniquely qualified team of financial professionals, datascientists, and software developers.

Each month, the CleverEngine analyses each of the 4,000+ UK domiciled investment funds using powerful algorithms and hundreds of thousands of data points to measure each against a range of carefully selected criteria, then
score and rank them accordingly. This process is robust, academic, and evidence based.

Scoring and ranking funds

Fund scores calculated with systematically selected criteria

Fund scores are calculated monthly using criteria like R-squared, Alpha, or average 1, 3, or 5-year performance, that’s weighted in order of their influence on performance in each sector.

These scores are used to rank funds and identify top performers (as well as those no longer scoring so well). The CleverMPS portfolio managers at Marlborough use this information to help determine the most suitable funds for inclusion in the portfolios.

Multi-award winning DFM

Introducing Marlborough, the multi-award winning discretionary fund manager

Marlborough is the FCA authorised and regulated DFM for the CleverMPS (ref: 115231). A multi-award-winning investment specialist, they manage circa £5billion for 200,000+ private, corporate, and institutional clients.

As CleverMPS portfolio managers, they oversee the day-to-day operations of the portfolios – reviewing the output of the CleverEngine, actioning trades, and working with Dynamic Planner on strategic asset allocation and risk-target-management.

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Dynamic Planner risk target management asset allocation

Dynamic Planner is a multi-award-winning risk profiling and asset allocation service – the most widely used in the UK.
Each of our models were built to align with the corresponding Dynamic Planner risk profile.

To ensure that fund switches and market conditions won’t alter the overall risk ratings of our models, asset allocation data is submitted to Dynamic Planner for review quarterly. Any adjustments to the models are actioned accordingly by the CleverMPS portfolio managers.

Ongoing volatility analysis

Market shift detection

The Market Shift Detection System (MSDS) works alongside the CleverEngine to identify periods of heightened market volatility.

When a shift in market behaviour is detected, the MSDS indicates that a change in strategy may be appropriate – from ‘high-return’ to ‘low-risk’ in turbulent market conditions, or back to a ‘high-return’ strategy in periods of growth.

Award winning independent research house

ESG ratings from MSCI

For our Sustainable models, we combine the same data-led investment process with stringent exclusion criteria based on MSCI’s ESG fund ratings.

A leader in the field, they use relevant data from over 10,500 companies and 760,000+ equity and fixed income securities to create ESG scores and metrics for approximately 56,000 multi-asset class mutual funds and ETFs globally.

These ESG ratings provide fund-level transparency and allow measurement of ESG characteristics for a total portfolio, as well as screening individual funds based on set ESG exposure categories.

CleverMPS for Advisers

The MPS made with your firm in mind

The CleverMPS was designed by advisers, for advisers. We know how much you value your time and client relationships, and strive to protect both at every opportunity.

As a CleverMPS partner firm, you’ll have a dedicated account manager and access to our Technical Support and Platform Support teams. You will also have access to our interactive adviser portal and exclusive content including client suitability report templates, fund switch commentaries, asset allocation insights, and more.


Keeping you up to date

We believe in going above and beyond to provide exceptional service for our partner firms and empowering them to deliver the best investment experience for their clients. We designed the CleverMPS Portal for financial advisers with this in mind.

Here you can keep track of your client’s portfolios and send monthly white-labelled communications as well as viewing the latest insights, updates, and guides from our team, find out about upcoming events and webinars, and get all the latest performance and asset allocation information for the models.

white-labelled client emails

Protecting and enhancing your client relationships

Regular communication can increase client retention rates, but it is also time consuming. To support your relationships, we made it easy to add clients to the CleverMPS Portal and generate white-labelled monthly update emails with the latest fund switches, performance, and asset allocation for the model(s) they’re invested in.

When you choose the CleverMPS, your clients remain yours. You never need to worry about us contacting them – all communications come from you and your firm.


Reports, guides, events and more

You will receive regular performance reviews and updates, plus a wealth of interesting and informative content including:

  • Ongoing weekly market reviews
  • Interactive performance graphs and asset allocation charts
  • Fact sheets, fund switch commentary, and MPS overviews
  • Peer performance comparison reports
  • Investment, regulation, and industry guides
  • A range of regular news and insights from our blog

You’ll also be invited to attend our events and webinars, including quarterly update sessions and an annual meet-up.


Find us on your preferred platform

Our models are available on a wide range of platforms including Quilter, abrdn, Fidelity International, Morningstar Wealth Platform, Aviva, M&G Wealth, Aegon ARC, Fundment, Transact, Novia, Nucleus, Titan and True Potential.

Look up the models on platform by searching for ‘Clever Marlborough Core MPS’ or ‘Clever Marlborough Sustainable MPS’, followed by the relevant model number.

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What you’ll get from your CleverMPS demo:

  • Insights into the fund selection and monitoring system at the heart of the CleverMPS product range.
  • A deeper look at the performance of the Clever Marlborough Core and Sustainable MPS ranges since their inception.
  • An understanding of the unique client communications capabilities you’ll get with our CleverMPS Portal.
  • The chance to ask any questions you might have.

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