Managed Portfolio Service

Diversified managed portfolios driven by Clever technology

The CleverMPS is quantitative, evidence-based, and available to investors through a financial adviser/investment intermediary only.

Our Core and Sustainable MPS ranges are both risk target managed simplifying client suitability assessments for advisers, while diversifying investment and serving the varying aims, attitudes, and circumstances of investors.

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A robust, repeatable process you can

trust, measure, and explain to clients.

Reduced exposure to risk by

investing in a diverse range of asset types.

Portfolio management by award

winning, FCA regulated firm - Marlborough.

Risk target managed portfolios

reviewed quarterly by Dynamic Planner.


The key features and benefits of our Core and Sustainable MPS ranges

  • Ongoing monthly fund analysis and monitoring by Clever’s proprietary system, the CleverEngine.
  • Portfolio management with award winning discretionary fund manager, Marlborough – FCA No: 115231.
  • White-labelled monthly client updates designed to save you time and improve client experience.
  • Strategic asset allocation and risk target management by UK’s number 1 risk profiling service, Dynamic Planner.
  • 6 models in CleverMPS Core range and 5 models in CleverMPS Sustainable range – all VAT exempt.
  • UK domiciled funds are FSCS protected. We only invest in UK-based, onshore funds.
  • ESG fund ratings and analysis for the Sustainable MPS range by leading research house, MSCI.
  • Intuitive adviser portal for portfolio performance and analytics, reports, webinars, IFA guides, and more!

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Data-Driven Managed Portfolio Services

Introducing the technology

Known as the CleverEngine, the fund selection and monitoring system at the heart of the CleverMPS has been successfully powering investment portfolios for more than a decade.

The system uses carefully selected investment criteria to score and rank 4,000+ UK domiciled investment funds. Each month these fund scores are recalculated, with the most appropriate funds highlighted for inclusion in the portfolios.

This quantitative process is robust, academic, and evidence-based.

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fund criteria scored by the CleverEngine last month


years successfully powering investment portfolios

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Our Managed Portfolio Services

Risk rated managed portfolios driven by Clever technology

Frequently asked questions

Marlborough is the FCA authorised and regulated DFM for the CleverMPS. Their team of highly experienced and qualified portfolio managers manage the day-to-day operations of the portfolios – they review recommendations made by the fund selection and monitoring system (the CleverEngine), action trades, and work alongside Dynamic Planner to ensure any changes made during monthly portfolio reviews will not alter the overall risk profile of each model.

A multi-award-winning investment specialist, Marlborough manages approximately £5billion on behalf of more than 200,000 private, corporate, and institutional clients. Marlborough’s MPS team have more than 150 years’ combined investment experience. They are experts in managing risk-graded portfolios, diversified across key global asset classes. Marlborough was awarded ‘Best Small to Mid-Sized Investment Group’ at the FTAdviser Investment 100 Club Awards 2021.

Yes. We care about protecting your client relationships, so all communications come from your firm, not us. This is all managed within our CleverMPS Portal, where you can view the models, check performance etc. We handle the fiddly stuff (white labelling and populating update emails for your firm), so you only need to click a button in the portal to send monthly communications to your clients.

Yes. Whether your clients are invested in our CleverMPS Core range or any of the CleverMPS Sustainable models, they will not incur VAT charges.

Our partner firms are updated regularly with insightful content from the CleverMPS team. This includes weekly market reviews and commentary, our ‘Chart of the Week’ email updates, monthly fact sheets, MPS range overviews, and sustainable impact analysis reports as well as quarterly portfolio review webinar sessions (live and OnDemand), and events.

The models are reviewed quarterly by the portfolio managers at Marlborough and the team at Dynamic Planner to ensure that any changes made as part of the monthly fund reviews will not alter the overall risk ratings of the models.

This managed portfolio service follows an Agnostic investment strategy with quantitative fund analysis and selection methods.

An Agnostic strategy offers more freedom for our portfolio managers and allows the CleverEngine fund selection and monitoring system to analyse, score, and rank all of the 4,000+ UK domiciled investment funds without limitation.

Like a blended service, the funds available for inclusion are increased beyond just Active or Passive, but we are not limited to including a combination of fund types – if the most appropriate funds are all Active (or all Passive), the portfolio managers can take this approach.

Yes. We provide all of our partner firms with suitability report templates, including examples of the wording they might choose to use in their reports. These are available exclusively to partner firms via the CleverMPS Portal.

Absolutely! We find that a quick demo is the best way to answer your questions, show all the key features and benefits of the service, and – most importantly – determine whether the CleverMPS is right for you and your clients. Contact us today to get started.

Ready to get started? Call us today on 01244 346 343 or

What you’ll get from your CleverMPS demo:

  • Insights into the fund selection and monitoring system at the heart of the CleverMPS product range.
  • A deeper look at the performance of the Clever Marlborough Core and Sustainable MPS ranges since their inception.
  • An understanding of the unique client communications capabilities you’ll get with our CleverMPS Portal.
  • The chance to ask any questions you might have.

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