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Hello world, meet Clever

Designed to minimise risk and remove human bias from investment decision making, our quantitative fund selection and monitoring system has been successfully powering investment portfolios for more than a decade.

We don’t follow the herd, leap on bandwagons, or get swayed by gut feelings. Instead, we rely on the only thing that really matters – the data.

We are Clever Adviser Technology Limited, but you can call us Clever.

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A robust, repeatable process you can

trust, measure, and explain to clients.

Reduced exposure to risk by

investing in a diverse range of asset types.

Portfolio management by award

winning, FCA regulated firm - Marlborough.

Risk target managed portfolios

reviewed quarterly by Dynamic Planner.

How It Started

Numbers, not noise

In 2008, at the peak of the Global Financial Crisis, a financial adviser had a clever idea.

Having recognised the risks posed by human behaviour and emotion to financial decision-making (like excitement, fear, or the tendency to follow the herd), he devised a system that would help make fund selection an objective, emotion-free process. A system that focused only on the numbers, not noise.

This ‘system’ was actually a complex blend of algorithms which has since been developed into the investment fund selection and monitoring system that we call the CleverEngine.

At the time of his discovery, Colum (our founder & CEO) was simply looking for a better way to analyse investments for his own clients. But the solution quickly grew into a disruptive fintech service that other advisers could adopt. The CleverAdviser service now supports thousands of investment portfolios across the UK & Ireland as well as our own quantitative MPS ranges – CleverMPS Core and CleverMPS Sustainable.

Clever People

The team behind the tech

Our Managed Portfolio Services

Risk rated managed portfolios driven by Clever technology

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What you’ll get from your CleverMPS demo:

  • Insights into the fund selection and monitoring system at the heart of the CleverMPS product range.
  • A deeper look at the performance of the Clever Marlborough Core and Sustainable MPS ranges since their inception.
  • An understanding of the unique client communications capabilities you’ll get with our CleverMPS Portal.
  • The chance to ask any questions you might have.

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