How retail investors can access the CleverMPS

The CleverMPS is available exclusively via an investment intermediary or financial adviser. This means that a retail investor cannot access our managed portfolios without first getting the right advice.

What is a retail investor? Essentially, it is a non-professional who invests their own money (as opposed to a professional who is qualified to invest on behalf of others).

If you are a ‘retail investor’ interested in the CleverMPS, ask your financial adviser to speak to us today or email us and we’ll try to put you in touch with someone local to you.

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A robust, repeatable process you can

trust, measure, and explain to clients.

Reduced exposure to risk by

investing in a diverse range of asset types.

Portfolio management by award

winning, FCA regulated firm - Marlborough.

Risk target managed portfolios

reviewed quarterly by Dynamic Planner.


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Why some investors use an intermediary

When you invest via a professional intermediary, like a wealth manager or financial adviser, they will use their skills, qualifications, and experience to assess your suitability for a given investment opportunity. They’ll judge suitability based on factors like your investment aims and attitude to risk, your age, and when you plan to retire).

Of course, there will be fees for using an intermediary, and there’s a variety of investment solutions which do not require investors to use one. You must decide which is the best approach for you.


Not sure if financial advice is right for you? Check out these links

There is a wealth of information out there, but it can be hard to know where to start. We hope these links will be useful for you:


Resources for finding an adviser

If you’re looking for a financial adviser/investment intermediary, we can’t tell you who the right firm is for you. However, there are plenty of resources to help you decide:

Already have a financial adviser?

If you have a financial adviser, you can speak to them today about investing in the CleverMPS. They will help you to determine whether this is the right choice for your investment portfolio.

Email this page  Ask Us to Call Your Adviser


Be aware of investment and pension scams

Security is an essential part of our services. We keep all CleverMPS accounts secure so that only your adviser and designated third parties (like us or the discretionary fund manager, Marlborough) are authorised to have access.

Financial safety goes beyond our services though, and there is a lot you can do to avoid falling victim to financial scams and fraud. A great place to start is with the free ‘Be a ScamSmart Investor’ advice and resources on the FCA website.

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What you’ll get from your CleverMPS demo:

  • Insights into the fund selection and monitoring system at the heart of the CleverMPS product range.
  • A deeper look at the performance of the Clever Marlborough Core and Sustainable MPS ranges since their inception.
  • An understanding of the unique client communications capabilities you’ll get with our CleverMPS Portal.
  • The chance to ask any questions you might have.

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